The Fimo App – Your fatigue assistant

We want to help you to better understand your fatigue and its influencing factors. For this purpose we measure and evaluate various environmental and vital parameters with an app. These analyses help you to deal proactively with your fatigue.

Track your influencing factors

With the help of our app and a Smartwatch you can record all the relevant factors that influence your fatigue. Many factors such as exercise, sleep or heat can trigger your fatigue. We help you to determine these factors.

Track your fatigue

With us you can easily record your fatigue in less than three minutes per day. We have developed the methods together with renowned researchers at universities and doctors. The digital symptom diary also helps you to keep track of the factors influencing your fatigue. The medication tracker supports you in always remembering your medication.

Discover your fatigue

In the background, all these influencing factors and information from the app converge and are analyzed by us. This helps you to better understand your fatigue and its influencing factors. Analyses are free of charge and should be the assistant for your fatigue. Your data is also safe with us and is stored on German servers according to the GDPR.

Learn to deal with your fatigue

The Fimo App helps you to reduce your fatigue and see which non-drug therapies help you to do so. In the future, you will find many possibilities in the app, such as mindfulness and movement training, which you can put together individually for yourself.

Our Fimo Team

We are a startup from Cologne, Germany, which has joined forces to help people with fatigue. Our team has different backgrounds (e.g. in medicine, computer science or statistics), which we combine for the development of our app. Our goal is that every person affected by Fatigue has an assistant at their side with our app.

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